Spribe Aviator Casino Game For Real Money

Aviator and other crash games are pure inventions of the online casino ecosystem. Video slots originated from one-armed bandits, while online roulette made a long way from 18th century France to our days. Almost every online casino game has a predecessor and a rich history—except for the Aviator game online.

Though this is not the first game in this vertical, its popularity goes through the roof: Opening it, you will see around 500 players flocked and connected to the Aviator game simultaneously. Aviator game online is an easy, engrossing, and just a lovely way to spend your gambling time, watching the plane taking off and increasing the height. This article explores the widely used strategies and tricks that can help you maximise every minute of your gameplay.

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What is a crash game?

In layman’s terms, in a crash game, there is a multiplier that starts at 1 and quickly increases. Before a round starts, players have a couple of seconds to place their bet. When the multiplier begins rolling up quickly, players may leave at any point, multiplying their bet by the number seen on the screen. But if they wait too long, the multiplier stops rising, and the active players who are still in the game will walk away empty-handed. This concept underpins every crash game, including the Aviator online game.

Aviator game reviews tend to err on the positive side. The users who write negative feedback about losing money do not often understand that all online casino games are based on pure luck (or sometimes, on chance and skills), and the online casino always has an inherent house advantage making it a winner in the long run.

Origins of online casino crash games

The crash game concept can be traced to 2014, though there can be earlier games of this genre which failed to gain momentum. The first crash game, MoneyPot, seems to have appeared on a Bitcoin forum. It was created by a Bitcoin enthusiast, Eric Springer. The game did not have a standard flying theme like many modern titles; instead, it took inspiration from the cryptocurrency volatility, which was very high in those days.

In 2015, Eric sold his simple but enthralling game to another crypto fan, Ryan Havar, who remade it into Bustabit, which survives to this day. However retro it might look, Bustabit featured a unique rule found nowhere else in modern crash games. In Bustabit, one per cent of each bet was collected into a prize pool, which later went to the last user to have taken out the money before the crash; and that added a touch of a skill element. What’s more, the game still lures in players with its tiny 1% house edge.

Brief milestones of online crash games

2015: Cryptocurrency integration. Online crash games started accepting various cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, providing players with more flexibility and anonymity in their betting transactions.

2016: Mobile optimisation. Online crash games became optimised for mobile devices, allowing players to access and play the games on their smartphones and tablets. This made the games more accessible and convenient for players, leading to increased popularity.

2020: Social features. Social features such as chat rooms, leaderboards, and social media integration were introduced, allowing players to interact with each other, compete, and share their winnings on social media platforms.

2021: Advanced graphics and animation. Online crash games started incorporating advanced graphics and animations, providing players with a more visually appealing and immersive gaming experience.

These are some examples of milestones in the development of online casino crash games, showcasing how the concept has evolved over time with different themes, gameplay variations, and technological advancements.

What is Aviator game?

Aviator is a social multiplayer game developed by Spribe. It has an incredibly basic look and consists of a multiplier curve that starts going up at the beginning of a round, and the players connected to the game must take their winning before the plane flies away, which happens randomly at some point during the flight. Otherwise, the ante will be lost. However, the longer the plane stays in the air, the higher the multiplier goes, offering potentially bigger payouts for those who can time their cash out correctly.

All players can communicate with each other through a built-in chat, see the results of the previous flights, and check their fairness. Aviator money game has developed a cult following in many locations worldwide.

The game is designed with sleek and modern graphics, providing an engaging visual experience for players. It offers a simple yet addictive gameplay concept, as players must decide when to cash out based on their risk appetite and the current multiplier value. Players can also monitor the game's history and track past results to inform their betting strategy. Aviator crash game by Spribe is accessible to players of all skill levels, and it offers a fast-paced and thrilling experience with the potential for significant winnings.

Five easy steps on how to play Aviator game

  • Place your bets: Start by selecting your bet amount and placing your wager on the betting options provided.
  • Watch the multiplier climb: Once you've placed your bets, the game will start, and the multiplier will begin to climb on the game screen. The multiplier represents the potential payout for the round.
  • Cash out or continue: As the multiplier increases, you have the option to cash out at any time before the game crashes. You can choose to cash out and take your winnings, or you can continue to let the multiplier climb in hopes of a bigger payout. Keep in mind that if the game crashes before you cash out, you may lose your bet.
  • Monitor the game: As the game progresses, you can monitor the multiplier and game progress on the screen. The multiplier can rise rapidly, but it can also crash at any moment, ending the round.
  • Collect your winnings or place new bets: If you choose to cash out, your winnings will be credited to your account immediately. You can then choose to place new bets and start another round, or you can cash out and end your gameplay session.

Aviator game interface

Aviator game online is played on a single screen, divided into three sections. The central one (a bit tilted to the right-hand side) is where the plane is flying. A large area to the left contains many useful tools related to the players’ bets and statistics. A field at the bottom serves for betting. Let’s first explore the informational section.

All Bets

This is one of three columns that displays crucial details about the current round. Above the table, you can see the ultimate multiplier at which the active round has ended. The following info is given there:

Column title Description
User Lists all the players who have already placed a bet since the beginning of the round.
Bet, USD Shows the respective bet sizes for each listed user. Note that the currency depends on your location and the online casino you are playing in.
X The multiplier at which a player cashed out their winnings.
Cash out, USD The amount won.

My Bets

If you want to see your bets and their outcomes, open this tab. It shows nearly the same information as is set forth above. Smart players use it as leverage for tweaking their bet patterns and trying different Aviator game tricks.


Here, you can dig into the most stunning winnings of your game mates. More of that in a bit.

Round History in Aviator game

To help players make informed decisions, developers created the Round History statistics at the top of the game screen. It is displayed as one running line by default, but tapping the arrow button expands that into a larger cluster showing about 100 latest results (the exact number depends on your screen size). Seasoned bettors try to use the advanced stats to make the Aviator game prediction of the next round—and some of them succeed.

For players’ convenience, the round multipliers are conveyed through colour differences; thus, a player can get a general idea by taking a rapid glance at the stats. Here is a colour coding used to represent the ultimate multipliers in the game history:

Colour Multiplier range
Light blue x1.00 to x1.99
Deep blue x2.00 to x9.99
Magenta x10.00 and higher

All the values are clickable and show a Provably Fair ticket with full details (time, round No, seeds, and so on).

Provably Fair experience

As the crash game vertical has its origins in the blockchain network, it is little wonder that all but a few games are premised on the Provably Fair algorithm that ensures fairness, randomisation, and openness of each plane flight in the Aviator money game. Interestingly, the outcome of each flight is generated by the first three participating players who have placed their bet instead of being generated on the game servers. Here is how it goes:

  • The game generates a 16-symbol server seed publicly available in a hashed format.
  • Client seeds are generated on each player's side when a new round begins.
  • The game software merges a server seed and three player seeds, making a combined SHA512 hash.
  • That long string of letters and digits finally gives a result as a multiplier.

As the outcome is moulded from player seeds, the output is always fair and unaffected by the game itself. There is a helpful tool enabling everyone to check each past round. To do this, head to the game history and tap a green icon. If you want to take part in the flight result generation, you should be between the first three bettors in that round. Some players wonder if the Aviator game is real or fake, but the Provably Fair technology put in place here dispels the doubts and builds an understanding of what the game is about.

Aviator game rules

If you're inside the casino, surely you're not the only one who has got to drop a coin in the Aviator betting game. There are typically a few hundred players betting at a time. The game’s rules are pretty simple and intuitive, even for a novice, and it will take little time to come to grips with it. Bettors have around 8 seconds in between the rounds to place a bet. This is done using control buttons at the bottom. Here are functions to help you make the bet you want:


Choose an amount you wish to bet by tapping the + or - buttons. A bet size is set in the range of $0.10 to $100, and the dollar currency is given here for reference only. The point is that the software recalculates a bet amount according to the local currency a player has picked (INR, CAD, etc.). The Spribe Aviator game algorithm suggests players are allowed to make two bets at once on the second bet panel, and they can be of different sizes, giving rise to different strategies.

Cashing out

Once satisfied with the multiplier accumulated on the screen, you can tap Cash Out to claim your winnings. Note that you can cash out one bet earlier and another bet later before the plane crashes in its nerve-racking journey.

Auto Play

Similar to most video slots, the Aviator game has a helpful feature enabling one to relax and sit back without being required to manually adjust a bet and get winnings on every round. The feature gets activated by tapping Auto — Auto Play on the betting panel. The popup that appears will let you customise the automatic play mode. Here is what you can do:

Option Description
Number of Rounds A bettor must select the duration of the automatic play (10, 20, 50 or 100 rounds).
Stop if cash decreases by: Aviator ceases betting if the player’s losses reach the threshold entered.
Stop if cash increases by: Aviator ceases betting if the player’s winnings reach the threshold entered.
Stop if single win exceeds: This is a self-explanatory condition. A player adjusts a currency value, not a multiplier.

Auto Cashout feature

Sharp-eyed players surely noticed that some bettors always tap out at a specific multiplier, e.g. at x1.20. One can spot it by looking at the All Bets column. Sure, this has nothing to do with quick reflexes and the ability to tap the cashout button to make it precisely x1.20. To help players automatise the cashout action, the Aviator online game offers the Auto Cash Out feature that can be turned on with a toggle switch on the betting panel. By doing this in advance, you dictate the game to claim the winnings at the preset value unless the multiplier crashes before.

Aviator game odds

Spribe claims the game has a 97% RTP. It is not apparent to many gamblers how this attribute has been calculated. Unlike video slots and online table games, where it is possible to imitate one billion spins and compute the resulting return, Aviator’s RTP is based on more intricate calculations.

If one cashes out at x1.50, the same 97 per cent return is applicable, but one will need to make around a hundred rounds to reach it finally. If we are talking about cashing out at x5, the built-in RTP will remain the same, but as that multiplier occurs more rarely than the preceding one in the example, one will have to make a few hundred rounds to count on the 97% back. You can further extrapolate it to any huge coefficient, say x100.

These mechanics can be loosely equalised with the notion of volatility in video slots. The higher the volatility of a slot game, the more spins it takes to return your bankroll as close to its initial balance as possible.

Aviator payouts

Now comes the most exciting part of the Aviator game. If a bettor manages to press Cash Out before the plane crashes, he will get a payout equal to the ante multiplied by the multiplier at which the bet was cashed out. E.g., you have bet $5 and stopped the game successfully at x5, at which point you will be awarded $25. To summarise, a round payout is directly linked to the multiplier shown at the time of your click.

Best Aviator game payouts

Based on the public information inside the game, one can check the top winnings by clicking the Top menu in the left-hand part of the game (we have mentioned this above). Here, in this tab, one can see three options to view:

Options Description
Huge wins One can open a column tagged “Day”, “Month”, and “Year” to see the most stunning multipliers players won in the specified timeframes. Perhaps, you should want to head over to “Year” and see the best loot others got.
Biggest wins This shows the most notable wins in money terms (irrespective of multipliers)
Multipliers This tab shows record highs for the multipliers, regardless of whether any bettor won it.

The figures of the above indicators will definitely differ from what we can see as of writing. To form an overall perspective of how much you can win, look at the top monthly winners in the Aviator casino game. Easy calculations show that most top performers used to bet $1 and cashed out long before the plane flew away:

Position Amount won Cashed out at Final multiplier in the round
1 $10,000 x10,000 x50,003
2 $5845 x5845 x45,689
3 $5335 x5335 x16,869
4 $9620 x5000 x16,869
5 $3216 x3216 x50,003

Biggest Aviator multipliers

You will undoubtedly want to know the largest possible multiplier that the software may (or can) generate. On the upside, the rulebook does not limit that value, implying it can theoretically grow infinitely—and the table below proves this is almost true. On the downside, five- and six-digit values happen once in a blue moon. So unless you are an extreme risk taker, we cannot recommend waiting too long to tap Cash Out. Whatever the case, here are the top multipliers generated since the beginning of 2023:

  • x1,977,730
  • x511,471
  • x192,921
  • x187,947
  • x165,160

Next to each output is a green shield icon. Clicking it will open a Provably Fair popup with fully verifiable details of that game.

Free Bets in Aviator game

The titular feature has nothing to do with the Aviator game demo. Free bets are a promotion that Spribe or a casino brand can trigger at any moment. This is like free spins in video slots where you have several free rounds without spending a cent. To check if your online casino or the Aviator game provider has given you a free bet, click the hamburger button at the top right and open “Free Bets”. A popup box will show whether you have an active reward or not.

The provider has developed a Rain feature that adds some free bets to the general chat at random times. So whenever you can see this happen, you should tap “Claim” to receive a number of free bets.

What is an instant loss in Aviator?

Before discussing strategies, let’s get familiar with the most annoying thing players usually face in the Aviator game online. Imagine you plan to cash out at x1.10 and get that 10-cent profit on your dollar. The round begins, and you are ready to tap Cash Out in about a second. But out of the blue, the plane flies away at x1.01 before you could say Jack Robinson. There’s hardly anyone with such sharp reflexes to be able to tap the button a few milliseconds after the multiplier starts running.

How to avoid instant loss?

An answer is to watch out for Aviator game signals. Game enthusiasts noticed an instant loss with x1.00 to x1.04 multipliers occurs at a 3.5% to 5% rate. Moreover, chances of getting two consecutive instant losses are about 0.05%. Now watch the Round History figures. If you can see any low multiplier (below x1.04) that occurred a couple of rounds ago, the odds are good you will not have it now (there’s still a remote possibility of a loss).

Aviator betting strategies

The above sections convey an idea of how to play Aviator game, but that may not be enough to get an adrenaline-fueled experience. Similar to online blackjack, where a player should follow the relevant basic strategy devised for that very game, applying one or another strategy in Aviator will also maximise the player’s profits. Sure, you can as well play without any particular plan or patterns, but this will cut your embedded 97% return to 80% or lower. Some betting systems revolve around making two bets simultaneously. Below you can get wise to the most widespread strategies and approaches that some players use. Sure, none provides a 100% guarantee of operation over the long haul.

Early cashout strategy

Given the winrate of x1.05 is about 95%, it’s worth trying to tap Cash Out at x1.05 or so. Taking out your money that fast means you have very high winning probabilities. However, you should always consider the Instant Loss factor that is beyond one’s calculations—there’re no Aviator game hacks to help you avoid that. To implement this strategy, you can activate the auto cashout feature, setting the x1.05 coefficient. This idea is also known as the minimum risk strategy or conservative betting.

Moderate-risk strategy

This kind of strategy is for those who want to take moderate risks and have decent probabilities of a win. Public stats show that x3.00+ coefficients occur about once in ten rounds. So when putting a low bet in the game and tapping out at x3 to x4, you get, on average, 10% odds of hitting a win. Do not forget to monitor the last results line to stay current with the trends and adjust your betting scheme accordingly.

Low-high strategy on two multipliers

This is a bit riskier option than the above, with the main difference being that you make a bet on the second plane as well. The guide is as follows:

  • Place two equal bets on the first and second plane, e.g. $1 on each.
  • Set the automatic play tool to withdraw the first bet at x2.00. Doing this may earn $2, thus breaking even for the current round.
  • Set your target for the second plane. Many players tend to pick x3 to x4, but you can select any other multiplier. As a result, the profit will come from the second bet.

High-risk strategy with one bet

This betting system is for really fortunate guys because the winrate of x100+ is less than 1%. Whereas the occurrence of x1.00 is more or less predictable, it is impossible to say when the Aviator online game makes it to over x100. Anecdotally such huge multipliers drop out about once a half an hour, so you should look at when the last big result was, skip about 50 subsequent results, and start betting. This can finally lead to a lucrative win; however, its average chances are lower than hitting a straight-up in roulette.

Play Aviator for free

Mobile experience in Aviator game

The Aviator game by Spribe is designed to be compatible with mobile devices, providing a seamless and immersive mobile gaming experience for players on smartphones and tablets. The mobile version of the Aviator game online features a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes and orientations, ensuring that players can enjoy the game on their mobile devices without any issues.

The controls and gameplay of the mobile version of Aviator are optimised for touchscreens, allowing players to interact with the game using touch gestures. The graphics, sound effects, and animations are tailored for mobile devices, providing a visually appealing experience on smaller screens.

Players can expect a user-friendly interface and smooth performance on their mobile devices, as the game is designed to take advantage of the capabilities of modern mobile devices. However, the quality of the mobile experience may also depend on the specifications and performance of the player's mobile device, such as the processing power, screen resolution, and internet connection.

Aviator game download on mobile

The game was developed to be accessed through a web browser, though some platforms offer to download their Aviator game apk, claiming users will get a more streamlined experience on the go. This is true but partially; the point is that Aviator game APK files are created by online casinos or other entities interested in drawing traffic to one or another online casino.

If you happen to download the apk file, you will be forced to become a member of that casino, even if you did not want that when downloading that file. Given that, we encourage one to stick to the browser version of the Aviator game without installing even the best Aviator game apps.

Aviator game tricks and tips

Alongside global strategies for building your betting behaviour, experts recommend some Aviator game tricks that can help you win more and lose less. They are not a universal remedy but will still be helpful if you want to streamline your gaming experiences.

  • Try the Aviator demo game: Playing the free version is a great way to get to grips with the rules, try out the mechanics, and learn how Aviator game works.
  • Hold by low-risk betting: As is noticed above, the aeroplane tends to fly off when the multiplier is 1.10 to 1.50x, so you likely will not be losing too much profit if you keep cashing out at or around x1.50.
  • Consult live bets and stats: Do not ignore the All Bets and other statistics open for everyone. Used wisely, it can help you smartly adjust your bet and get more winnings.
  • Autoplay and Autobet features can ease your gameplay, especially if you aim at a specific multiplier. Just define your targeted coefficient and adjust the Auto Cashout tool accordingly.
  • Avoid Martingale strategy: this is a dubious piece of advice as some players find the 2-4-8-16. . . progressive pattern useful, while other bettors believe it can drain your bankroll before you know it. Just recall the x.1.00 Instant loss stuff and think again.
  • Move slowly and steadily: avoid big numbers if you are a beginner. You first need to build up your bankroll and get the gist of the game, so increase your rates gradually and start with ten cents or so.

What to avoid in Aviator game online?

Everything you can find in an online casino falls under the category of games of chance. The player’s skills also get a look in, but they can never outsmart the built-in parameter, a notorious RTP, that always gives the casino a slight edge. A seasoned blackjack player will win more often than a novice, as the former might know a basic strategy for that game, but anyway, neither will beat the house over time. The same holds for the Aviator casino game: Even if you are smart as a whip, the house edge always kicks into effect in the long run.

Spribe has not developed any tools, plug-ins or other software complementary to Aviator. All add-ins, apps, and extensions are released by third parties. We cannot recommend downloading any Aviator-related third-party products, as most are clueless (at best) or malicious. Our website is not affiliated with any software maker, so we are not giving you links to them. Google them yourselves if need be. In layman’s terms, avoid Aviator Predictor, Aviator Calculator, Aviator Hack Predictor, Aviator Game Cheats, and other tools that imply they can seemingly predict or calculate the Aviator game. Neither is impossible!

Games similar to Spribe Aviator

This riveting game is undoubtedly a sought-after crash game across online casinos, but certainly, not everyone resonates with it. Aviator’s soaring to the heights of fame made other providers duplicate its success, and after its release in 2019, Spribe’s rival companies came up with their game products that mimic Aviator to a greater or lesser extent. This does not mean they are of subpar quality or are worse than Aviator. So if you want to add diversity to your crash game experiences, consider navigating your aeroplane in these games:

Game name (provider) Bets RTP Description
JetX (Smartsoft) $0.1 - $600 97% The elementary pixelated X-Box-type graphics look gorgeous compared to the no-frills design in the Aviator casino game. There’re two betting areas, last 24 hrs statistics, and AutoBet.
Crash (BetConstruct) $0.1 - $1000 96% With an elegant dark blue and violet background, the game’s minimalism does not shock too much. This is a pure crash game where there’s no plane or other flying objects—there’s only an increasing curve.
Rocketpot (SoftSwiss) 0.01 mBTC - 1 BTC 96.8% This crash game features a space-themed interface that adds to the excitement of watching the rocketship climb and crash. The game also offers an Autoplay function. Notably, BTC is the only currency choice.
Spaceman (Pragmatic Play) $1 - $100 96.5% A unique Cashout 50% button makes the game stick out from the rest. The game has an x5000 win cap and improved audiovisuals that look awesome over its earlier primitive peers.
Lucky Crumbling (Evoplay) $1 - $750 96% Instead of a plane, the curve ends in a coin moving upward up to the max x1000. The game is fresh (2021), but there are still no innovations compared to Aviator or earlier crash games.
Turbo Crash (OneTouch) $0.1 - $100 97.25% This is a single-player game where you can place bets on the outcome of a virtual rocket ship as it travels through a trajectory with increasing multipliers. The max win is worth x10,000.

Aviator how to play video

Aviator review summary

Today, there are pretty many solutions in the niche similar to the Aviator casino game, though none holds sway the way Aviator does. Aviator by Spribe is a thrilling online gambling game that lets players bet on the multiplier value of a virtual aircraft before it crashes. The game features a simplistic design with minimalistic graphics and straightforward gameplay. Players can choose from different bet sizes ($0.1 to $100) to place their wagers and attempt to cash out at the optimal moment to win. The game's fast-paced rounds and suspenseful anticipation as the aircraft ascends make for an exciting gambling experience. Despite its simplistic graphics, Aviator has gained popularity among online casino players for its unique gameplay mechanics with the Autobet and Auto Cashout features and the adrenaline rush of predicting the right moment to cash out for potential winnings.


  • How does Aviator game work?

    Aviator is a social multiplayer crash game in which you make an ante (or two) and try to tap out before the plane crashes. Your winning equals the coefficient at which you cashed out, multiplied by your bet.
  • Can Aviator game be hacked?

    Like any other software, yes. But this is extremely tricky, if possible at all.
  • How to predict Aviator game?

    The game outputs randomised results on every flight, so there’s no way anyone can predict the coefficient of any round. You can try monitoring trends (a streak of high/low results), but your projections will likely be questionable.
  • What is the min/max bet in Aviator?

    Bet limits vary depending on the chosen currency. If you play in USD, the minimum and maximum bets are $0.1 and $100.
  • What is the RTP of Aviator?

    The RTP for Aviator is around 97%, according to Spribe. Some expert gambling communities claim the game’s Return to Player can fluctuate down to 96% in some casinos.
  • Can I play Aviator on my mobile device?

    Yes, Aviator is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices for convenient gameplay.
  • Is Aviator a game of skill or luck?

    Aviator is a game of chance, as the outcome is determined by the random flight path of the aeroplane.
  • What happens if the plane crashes before I cash out?

    If the plane crashes before cashing out, the bet is lost, and there is no payout.
  • Is Aviator fair?

    Yes, Spribe's Aviator uses a random number generator (RNG) to ensure fair and unbiased results for each round.
  • Can I play Aviator for free?

    It depends on the online casino hosting the game; virtually every casino brand typically offers a free version to play.
  • Where can I find Aviator stats?

    Aviator stats can be found on Spribe's official website or on online casino platforms where the game is offered.